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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

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Tammy Hsu

What's up! My name is Tammy Hsu, a current sophomore at Asian America International Academy, and it is my upmost pleasure to serve as your president for this year’s United Nations on Drugs and Crime! 

I am currently in my fourth year of a life-changing MUN journey, hoping STMUN XIV will add to my list of unforgettable MUN experiences. This is will be my 15th conference and 4th time chairing. 

Ever since i have first stumbled across an MUN committee room, i was instantly captivated by the sense of belonging in this community. As I continued my journey, I have vowed to become a leader who inspires those around her.  With that said, Curtis and I are elacstic to serve as your student officers! We will embrace you all with warm hugs this December and assist our delegates for an unforgettable conference. 

Aside from MUN, you can always find me outdoors; whether exploring new places with my bike, chasing sunsets, or spending a lot of time at the beach. I also play volleyball, watch rom-coms religiously, and care a lot about feminism & climate activism. 
Please feel free to approach me if you have any questions! Im so excited to see you all soon.


Deputy President

Curtis Ko

Hello, my name is Curtis, and I am honored to announce that I am going to be your co-chair for UNODC. I am currently a sophomore in IBST and this would be my twelve MUN conference. When I am not participating in MUNs, I like to play video games, swim and play basketball. My journey in MUN has been a real roller-coaster, it all started when I was 6th grade doing debate. I enjoyed debate for its controversial topics, and that led me to enjoying MUN just as much. In 7th grade I was finally able to join MUN. For the following years I continued to join conferences, in 9th grade I then got the honor to chair in STMUN which conventionally was also my first MUN. Ever since the day of joining I have gained an immense amount of knowledge, and so far it has been a fun and valuable trip. I am going to try my best to help any delegates, so don’t hesitate to approach me when you have questions. See you in December!!

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