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United Nations Environment Programme

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Raymond Tai

Hello UNEP, I’m Raymond Tai a current Senior at Kaohsiung American School, it is my utmost honor to serve as your Head President of UNEP this year at STMUN XV. I won’t bore you guys with my cliche MUN journey, however, I really do hope that at this conference everyone can step out of their comfort zone, collaborate with other delegates and make the debate engaging. As the head president of UNEP, I will strive to make this debate meaningful and captivating. Now the interesting parts about myself, outside of MUN I enjoy watching movies(Spiderman ATSV is the best superhero film ever), listening to music, and trying out whatever tech I can get my hands on. Anyways good luck in preparing for STMUN and see all of you in December!

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Deputy President

Alex Lee

Greetings delegate! My name is Alex Lee, a senior studying at Hsinchu County American School and I will be serving as your deputy chair in this year’s United Nations Environmental Program.

MUN is really a great place to explore yourself and learn more about new people. That was the reason why I started my MUN journey. It might be awkward to say that I love watching the news around the world, but that interested me to discuss global politics and conflicts through MUN and this brought my public speaking and logic to a whole different level; now I can understand different perspectives and opinions. My MUN journey wasn’t easy, I can still remember my first MUN where I wasn’t so sure to speak out my stands and wasted my chances, but with the courage and confidence I stepped out and that was like the moment when humans stepped out to the moon. MUN isn’t hard, but also not easy, difficulty depends on the preparation and confidence within your position and opinion. I hope delegates will be well prepared and have confidence in their position when I see you.

Although this is my first time being a deputy chair, I will do my best to support and give advice to all delegates. I encourage all delegates to be confident with their position since MUN isn’t a place to give pressure; instead, it’s a place to have fun and learn more about the world. I hope each delegate will bring up their attitudes with respect and listen carefully to each others’ opinions. Let’s bring passion, logic, solid ideas, and opinions regarding the topic, and let’s have a constructive debate at STMUN XV.

Let me introduce more about myself; instead of putting MUN as my hobby, I love to watch movies, play table tennis, and strum guitar. I am a very bright person with a positive mind and believe that the STMUN this year will end up great. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Lastly, see you all at STMUN XV!

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