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Waving the Flag of Justice: The Forefront to an Era of Progression

The 2024 STMUN conference theme is Waving the Flag of Justice: The Forefront to an Era of Progression. From humanitarian crises, ongoing conflicts, and its exploitation of minority groups, the world has been torn between the spectrum of just and unjust. With the prevailing issues continuously spreading all across our globe, it is crucial for an era of progression to be brought and for justice to be seen navigating through issues. An era of progression defines the advancement of technology, diplomatic relationships, measures to combat crises, but also the start to a society where justice can be seen and enforced.
   Yet one cannot say that progression only brings positive impacts. During the past few decades, humanity has overseen the destruction and turbulence progression brings, whether it's the continuation of centuries-long conflicts, or the denial of rights of minority groups. As American activist Martin Luther King Junior once said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Keeping that in mind, nations must come to a consensus on how to both progress externally and internally, but also promising that justice will be met. Through this conference, it is anticipated that all participants will keep this concept in mind, and develop measures to both reach progression and justice.

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