Economic and Social Council 1

President: Kai Yuan Mor (TAS)    

Greetings delegates, my name is Kai Yuan Mor and I will be serving as the Head Chair for the ECOSOC1 committee this year for STMUN XII. I have been a Taipei American School student for the past seven years and am currently a senior in the school graduating in 2021. Ever since middle school, I have been heavily invested in the MUN program at my school attending over a dozen conferences around the world. These ranged from my home school conference of TASMUN of which I was privileged enough to be a delegate, chair, and secretariat member over the years. Other conferences include BERMUN, MUNOFS, IASASMUN, and many others across my half a decade in the program. Having been a delegate, and chair for multiple conferences I hope to encourage all delegates within my committee to work together towards not only achieving the goals set out by our individual committees but also the overarching goals of the United Nations. I am honored to have been offered this position, and hope to use it to ensure that all delegates fully enjoy their experience within this conference, especially considering the on-going pandemic which many of us are living through. Thank you, and please do not hesitate to contact me at any points if you have any questions whatsoever.

Deputy President: Heather Park (TAS) 

Hello delegates, I am Heather Park, a senior at Taipei American School. Before moving to Taiwan, I previously lived in Upstate New York at Horseheads High School. My school did not have many extracurricular activities for students to participate in, so my background in public speaking and global affairs was limited. I began my MUN journey in sophomore year, and have been in a total of five conferences. I was a delegate of General Assembly III at SEOMUN in 2018 and traveled to Germany as a delegate of BERMUN in 2019. I was head chair at TASMUN 2020 for the United Nations Environmental Programme. I am extremely excited to be able to participate in STMUN XII to allow delegates to debate despite the barrier due to a global pandemic. This year, I am looking forward to meeting you all in-person as the Deputy President of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). I cannot wait to meet you all soon.


I-Shou International School

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