Executive Team


Head of Admin

Andy Lu

Hi everyone!


My name is Andy Lu, currently a senior at I-Shou International School. It is my honor to serve as the head of admin in the 12th STMUN conference. Although I am not an old hand in the MUN working team, I have a passion for hosting MUN and beliefs for the admin team. I have known many team members for years, and we have already built enormous trust in each other. I have the confidence to serve the best quality of the conference. The first conference I participated in was the STMUN X. Since then, I have wanted to be a part of the working team and serve a memorable event for every participant. I hope MUN could be a platform to make friends and express ideas openly. STMUN is my starting point, but it will not be the finish line. I will give everything I have at this conference and learn from it. Besides MUN, I play video games and volleyball. Hope everyone could enjoy the conference, and I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH how excited I am to see all you guys at STMUN XII.

Dep. Head of Admin

Armani Chuang



My name is Armani Chuang, a current senior at I-Shou International School, and it is my pleasure as the deputy head of admin to welcome all of you to this year’s STMUN. As a newly joined member of MUN, I’m very excited to be involved in every aspect of the planning. MUN has largely improved my collaboration and communication and inspired me to break out of my comfort zone. 

Personally, I enjoyed reading Chinese Novels and listening to classical music. I am also a huge fan of documentaries. Overall, it is an honor to serve for this year's STMUN, I wish all of you good luck, and I'm looking forward to meeting you all during the event.


Head of Press

Eric Wu


This is Eric Wu, the Head of Press of STMUN XII, it is my utmost honor to serve as the head of press for STMUN. Starting my MUN career in STMUN, it is especially meaningful for me to work as a part of the STMUN executive team. I could still remember how nervous it was when I was standing on the podium speechless, terrified, and struggling to make a speech. But now, with more than 10 MUN conference experiences, I have succeeded to express and organize my thoughts clearly on the podium. For those who are new to MUN, I would like to congratulate you for stepping out of your comfort zone, fully dedicated to the debate on the podium. Regardless of your performance in STMUN, remember that your MUN career is not going to end here, and it will eventually remain as one of your fascinating memories throughout your MUN career. So, go ahead and never hesitate to make a speech on the podium! Aside from MUN, I am currently a senior from IIS who likes to enjoy novels, movies, songs, and learning new languages, as it allows me to experience different cultures. Last but not least, please don’t hold back to share your interesting ideas or experiences when encountering us! See you in STMUN XII!    

Dep. Head of Press

Bella Huang



Welcome to The Twelfth Southern Taiwan Model United Nations (STMUN) Annual Conference. My name is Bella Huang, a senior at I-Shou International School, and it is my honor to serve as the Deputy Head of Press for STMUN this year. I have learned how to initiate programs, arrange schedules, and plan school-based events such as Teacher’s Day and the Global Exploration Trip throughout my academic career. I hope STMUN XII will be an unforgettable experience and memory for all of us, and an opportunity for you to demonstrate your leadership and communication skills. Wish we all have a great time! Welcome to approach me and share your MUN stories if you see me in person during the conference. Can’t wait to see you all in December!

Carnival & Treasure

Head of Carnival 

Sherry Chong

Hi! I am Sherry, a junior from I-Shou International School, and it is my most pleasure to serve as your head of Carnival for STMUN XII. Due to COVID-19, many of our plans for the carnival night - including basketball match, talent show, night market - are all canceled. As the head of Carnival, I felt extremely sorry for all of you, but I still, worked hard for planning another fun carnival night focusing on safety.

Just in case you are interested, my favorite subject in IBDP is history and biology. I enjoy watching Netflix (especially dramas) in my free time. I also like Kpop stuff a lot, so feel free to strike up a conversation when you see me! 

Dep. Head of Carnival

Emily Chuang

Greetings everyone, I am Emily Chuang, and I am currently a Junior from I-Shou International School. I am an outgoing and friendly person so remember to say hello when you see me around the school. It is my pleasure to serve as the Deputy Head of Carnival in the STMUN XII to help plan and implement this exciting event. Just to inform all of you, as one of the carnival heads, the Coronavirus has impacted our initial plan, hence, following the school policies the carnival has been altered to a nice and chill “pizza night” with a bunch of wonderful activities and valuable prices. Furthermore, this is my fourth year participating in the MUN club, and from my experiences, it was not easy to speak in front of people, but I can guarantee that throughout the upcoming debates, you will gain a lot of MUN skills just like I did. Wish you all good luck in the next two days! Last but not least, Carnival is coming soon, stay tuned!


Shiarina Wang

Hello, my name is Shiarina Wang and I’m currently a junior at I-Shou international school. It’s my pleasure to serve as the treasurer of STMUN XIl this time to supervise finance management and expenditures. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, cooking, listening to pop music, and playing the piano. I believe that things “always seems impossible until it's done.” My favorite subjects at school are Chinese and Economics because they both require critical thinking and genuine empathy. Outside of school, I like to relax by walking on the evening street alone to wait for the beautiful sunset. For MUN, I’ve started my MUN career in grade 8, and I enjoy meeting new people outside of school. Although the world has been suffering from the pandemic for long periods of time, I believe this conference would definitely awaken everyone’s passionate spirit. See you all at STMUN XII!


Head of Information & Technology

Victor Wang

Greetings, fellow delegates, student officers, and school directors.


I am Victor Wang, currently a senior high at I-Shou International School. I am serving as your Head of IT for STMUN XII, and it is my utmost honor to serve in this position. I have attended HSINMUN before as the delegate of Brazil, and I have done various experiences in community-size events such as Winter Concert host, Boarding prefect, and more. Playing around with technology is my hobby at a young age. I’ve developed skills in photo/video editing, website design, poster design. This time, the STMUN XII will be a big challenge under coronavirus protocol since we decided to hold the whole conference and carnival based on streaming. But I am glad to accept and learn anything technology-related; it is why I am very thrilled and honored to serve as your Head of IT for STMUN XII. Oh, and also, my favorite singer of all time is Kenshi Yonezu. If you have any questions about technology or him, you’re welcome to ask me all the time! Well, come to STMUN XII, our team will make sure that this will be the best one you’ve ever had.


I-Shou International School

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