General Assembly 1st Committee:

Disarmament and International Security

Chair: Jewel Wang Chen (IIS)

Dear advisors, guests, STMUN participants, Greetings! My name is Jewel Wang Chen, a current senior at I-Shou International School. It is my pleasure to serve as your Head Chair of the General Assembly
First Committee at STMUN XII. I embarked on my MUN journey four years ago as a freshman, and perhaps like many of you, I was wonderstruck during my first ever conference. I could not be more fascinated by the fact that these high schoolers were able to develop in-depth analysis of current issues, establish a stance of a certain nation, while confidently come up with solutions that could potentially heal the injured world. These are the qualities of a leader of tomorrow, and qualities that we shall possess through our MUN journey. Thenceforth, I urge all of you to challenge yourselves and step out of your comfort zones. Should you deliver a speech, make a POI, or simply open yourself up during lobbying, these are all ways to stimulate the dynamic of what Model United Nations is essentially
about. At the end of STMUN XII, I hope every participant will walk out of their committee room with a newly acquired and broadened perspective of the world, and begin to pave their pathway in becoming a global citizen. With that being said, I look forward to seeing you all at STMUN XII!

Deputy Chair: Sabrina Gulotty (AAIA)

Hello, fellow delegates! My name is Sabrina Gulotty, and I am a sophomore at Asia American International School. I first began my Model UN journey in the seventh grade, and have since attended ten conferences, with one chairing experience at TASMUN 2020 (which was unfortunately cancelled.) Each and every time a new conference comes around, I am reminded of the reasons why I love Model UN: the intellectually-stimulating debate, the welcoming people, the nuanced issues, and so much more. In terms of hobbies, I have many! On any given afternoon, you can find me scrolling through TikTok, doodling on random pieces of paper, or procrastinating on schoolwork due very soon. I am especially well-versed in fandom and I know a lot about the American hip-hop musical Hamilton. I hope to make this conference as fulfilling as possible for you all, so please come to me with any questions, concerns, or random observations that you’d like to share with me. I wish you all the best with your research; see you in December!


I-Shou International School

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