General Assembly 3


Issue 401

Combating the recruitment and conversion of youth to religious extremism

Palestinian school children walk past Israeli riot police during clashes with masked youth

Issue 402

 Intensifying global efforts to promote literacy in minorities

GA3 Head Chair - Kristin Chang.jpg

Head Chair

Kristin Chang (TAS)

Hello delegates! 
I am Kristin Chang, currently a senior at Taipei American School. I am honored to be serving as the Chair of the General Assembly 3 (GA3) committee this year for STMUN. I started MUN in middle school with my first conference being SHASMUN, a challenging conference in Shanghai. From then on, I have had the opportunity to attend many other overseas and on-island conferences, including IASAS, MYMUN-OFs, SEOMUN, TAIMUN, and many more. This will be my eighth conference serving as a Student Officer. I started MUN in the interest of getting to learn about the different prevalent global issues, but along the way, I have found that MUN has also provided me with the opportunity to interact with delegates and chairs of different backgrounds and cultures. Ever since then, I have gained an abundance of knowledge and have found that participating in the program has been very rewarding. I really look forward to watching a fruitful debate unfold on the interesting topics we have for this year’s GA3 committee and to meeting all of you in December! 

GA3 Co-Chair - Cherry Chiu.jpg


Cherry Chiu (IBST)

Dear delegates,

I’m Cherry Chiu, a freshman from International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park (IBST), and it is my utmost honor to be serving as your Deputy Chair for General Assembly 3 (GA3) along with Head Chair Kristin Chang in STMUN XIII this year. I started off as a delegate who barely spoke; however, through more MUN conferences and feedback from the chairs, I stepped out of my comfort zone. I became a global citizen invested in international relations and placed diplomatic incidents into greater perspective through MUN. With this being my 10th conference and my first time chairing, I hope to help all delegates to make this conference run as smoothly as possible. Aside from MUN, I enjoy reading and playing the clarinet. Please feel free to email or contact me if you have questions and I look forward to meeting you all in December! I hope that STMUN XIII would be a fun and educational event regardless of your experience and feel free to approach either Kristin or me if you have any questions!