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General Assembly 4


Head Chair

Linson Lee

Hello! My name is Linson Lee, a junior currently attending International Bilingual

School at Hsinchu Science Park (IBSH). For this year's STMUN, I will be serving as your deputy chair for GA4.


My MUN journey began relatively late in 9th grade as a first-time delegate participating in HSINMUN. Recalling the experience of my first conference, I had quite a rough time as I was still getting used to MUN procedures, especially the structure of debate as it was different from the debate I used to partake in. Despite this, by attentively listening and observing the entirety of the process, I was truly fascinated by the nuances of a MUN conference. The intensity of the debate, the thought needed to create a well-rounded resolution, the aggressiveness required to assert perspective, and the enthusiasm of delegates, all of these facets of MUN are what make it such an enriching experience. As I began to attend more conferences, my understanding of global issues and public speaking skills progressively improved. MUN, being such a tight-knit community, has shaped me into a global citizen and become an essential part of what constitutes who I am.

This STMUN, I hope to foster and maintain a rewarding experience for all members participating. I would also strive to create an enriching environment where delegates can comfortably approach the podium and speak out on these challenges. A reminder for all delegates is that you are not alone in the committee room, we are in this together and please do approach us if you need any assistance.


Outside of MUN, I love to play basketball, watch anime, and play video games. I hope you guys are excited as I am to embark on this one of a kind experience in STMUN!

Arielle Shih.jpeg


Arielle Shih

Hello! My name is Arielle Shih, a senior at Kaohsiung American School. It is my utmost pleasure to serve as your deputy chair in General Assembly 4. This is my first time chairing, and I am very excited to experience it with you all! Despite my lack of experience, I will try my best to support every and all delegates during this conference. After my first MUN conference in STMUN, I began to love the feeling of working together with other delegates and making new friends in the process. And I hope to provide that same experience for you all. I hope that you can thrive, learn in this process, and most importantly, enjoy your time! Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. Make many speeches and POIs. I look forward to seeing you all at the conference~

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