General Assembly 6th Committee

Chair: Sophia Zuo (IBSH)    

Hey Delegates! I’m Sophia Zuo, a current sophomore at the International Bilingual School in Hsinchu Science Park, and I’m very excited to be your main chair this STMUN! I started my MUN journey in seventh grade by being a wandering admin, feet bruised and body exhausted by the end, but I had a newfound and deeper interest in the club and sphere that has led me to the place I am today. Personally, MUN has been an outlet for expressing my own ideas, but with the needed barriers of feasibility, country relations, and practicality that are pertinent to the world agenda today. By taking on and adhering to a country's stance, you find yourself immersed in a situation where you are forced to think of outside of the box solutions while sticking to your personal goals. It’s also a way I found my own voice in public speaking, and I hope that can happen to you as well. With STMUN being about my 12th conference, I’m looking forward to being in a special committee and will put my all in to help facilitate and urge delegates to warm up to the committee. Other than that, I enjoy reading, writing, looking at frog memes, and watching stupid tiktoks, and am also part of some fandoms so please feel free to discuss with me about anything! GA6 is a committee that prides itself on the legal details, so don’t forget to be elaborate and well-encompassing in the two issues in our committee this year. Lastly, delegates, don’t forget to put your all into country research and stay active in debate to really get the most out of STMUN XII!

Deputy Chair: Waverley Ko (TCGS)

Greetings delegates, I am Waverley Ko, currently a sophomore in Taichung Municipal Taichung Girls’ Senior High School. It’s my utmost honor to serve as your deputy chair at GA6 committee in STMUN 2020. I began my MUN career as a delegate when I was in 10th grade. STMUN2020 will be my sixth conference, first time chairing. Throughout my one-year MUN journey, I have learnt global issues and international relations. I think the most valuable things that MUN brings me are a stage to express myself, an opportunity to meet outstanding people from different backgrounds, and a chance to be the change I want to see in the world. Besides MUN, I enjoy reading and music. What’s more, I am a Netflix addict. Please feel free to chat me up. At this conference, I would like to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and seize every chance to approach the podium. Should you have any questions, please feel welcomed to come to me. At last, wish you all enjoy STMUN2020!


I-Shou International School

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