GENERAL ASSEMBLY 4th COMMITTEE: Special Politics and Decolonization

Chair: William Yeh (KAS)

William Yeh, the Head Chair of General Assembly 4, is a junior at Kaohsiung American School. This isn’t his first time to STMUN - since his joining in seventh grade, he’s been an active participant in the conference annually and has since become the Secretary of KASMUN’s Executive Team. His love of MUN stems from a continuous enjoyment of knowledge, debate and collaborative solutions. Returning back to his first conference now as a student officer, Yeh wishes to give back to delegates - both the newcomers and the experienced - the same joy and passion rooted in him many years ago. He believes in “overseeing and working with groups of like-minded students, moderating globally relevant discussions and encouraging those unfamiliar or timid to break out of their comfort zones”, and recognizes the challenging need for reuniting people, country and culture in this time of uncertainty. The relationship between safety and security is a delicate one, and it’s one that Yeh acknowledges must be understood, discussed and debated for the generation’s future leaders to pave the way to peace. Lastly, Yeh is a filmmaker and artist at heart and believes in the utmost importance of truth, authenticity and connections above all else

Deputy Chair: Eason Lin (CCHS)

Greetings! My name is Eason Lin, currently an 11th-grade student from Ching Cheng High School. It is my utmost honor to be serving you as the Co-Chair of GA4.


Devoting to studying Politics and Sociology, I’m fond of analyzing domestic and international issues with quite different perspectives. Sometimes, I also enjoy debating with others to inspire some creative ideas. That’s probably why I love participating in the Model UN so much. 


As a delegate, not only should we come up with some distinctive solutions, but our country stances matter as well. Hence, after you enter the committee room, I hope you can try to diplomatically negotiate with other delegates. This way, I believe you can explore how charming the Model UN is.


I know it might be tough for you to deliver a speech at the podium. But don’t worry. We, the dais team, will do our best to help you. If you have any concerns or questions, it’s also welcome to ask for help!


I-Shou International School

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