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Security Council 1

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Enzo Wu

Dear all, 

I am Enzo Wu, an H4 (Grade 12) at Taipei European School, and I look forward to being your Head Chair for Security Council One at STMUN XV. STMUN might likely be my last conference before graduation, and it will be hard to say goodbye to this circuit. For this conference, I hope that we can work together to make this conference productive, meaningful, and, most importantly, enjoyable and memorable for all of you. As I mentioned earlier, there is a chance I will be bidding this fantastic group of MUNers goodbye at this conference, marking the end of around six years in the community. It will be hard to leave it. I remember the very start of my MUN career as a nervous Year Seven (Grade 6) and how much it has helped me at every step of my academic career. From building confidence to public speaking, the benefits of MUN are not limited to merely visible areas. In most cases, I was never the 'strongest' MUNer in the room; however, I would always be willing to do my best and make another POI, speech or amendment. An outstanding delegate is willing to improve even when they are already great and to keep pushing even if failures or challenges repeatedly batter them. 


On a lighter note, besides MUN, I also enjoy debating (I can imagine this is not a big surprise), writing (I struggle, though!), hiking (painful but thrilling) and also trying to play the saxophone (emphasis on try). 


I cannot wait to see all of you in December! 


Deputy President

Hubert Huang

Hi delegates, I am Hubert Huang, a junior from Pacific American School, and it is my utmost honor to serve as your deputy president for the Security Council in STMUN XIV.  When I first entered MUN, I was an anxious and baffled 7th-grade student, surrounded by eager and enthusiastic debaters; ever since then, the experience of MUN never failed to fascinate me. I immersed myself in the charm of activism, and pondered in awe the rich beauty of finding solutions and ramifications to global issues. Beyond everything else, it is a place where like-minded teenagers can break away from their envelope of unease and self-doubt. No matter if this is your first conference or your twentieth, I will strive to make debate interesting and meaningful. Aside from MUN, I enjoy sleeping and reading science fiction in my free time. I wish all of you guys good luck and I look forward to working with all of you guys!

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