STMUN XIII Secretariat


Claire Chung (KAS)

Honorable participants of STMUN XIII,


Greetings! I am Claire Chung, a senior at Kaohsiung American School (KAS), and it is my utmost privilege to welcome you to STMUN XIII as your Secretary-General.


My love for MUN began in my first conference in 6th grade, and has since blossomed into so much more over the past six years. Captivated by the intricacy of international affairs, I have come to realize the impact and importance of MUN in the global community. This year’s theme, Speaking Truth to Power, reflects on a multitude of global issues where the misuse of power can be a direct contravention of values that should be upheld in justice. When governmental oppression tramples on human rights, it is of paramount importance to let moments of truth empower not only ourselves, but also others. Therefore, I hope that this year’s STMUN will not only provide a platform to meet talented people with the same passion for solving global issues, but also inspire each and every one of you to develop global consciousness on the multifaceted nature of diplomacy.


Aside from MUN, I enjoy doing science experiments, playing the violin, and solving math problems. Feel free to approach me if you have any questions or just want to chat! I am sincerely looking forward to seeing all of you in December.

GA4_ William Yeh .jpg

Deputy Secretary-General I

William Yeh (KAS)

Honorable participants of STMUN XIII,


My name is William Yeh and I'm a senior at Kaohsiung American School (KAS). It is my utmost honor to serve and welcome you to this year's STMUN XIII as the Deputy-Secretary General.


STMUN has always held a special place for me: it was the first conference I've ever attended as a seventh-grader MUN novice, and it has remained a constant part of my journey through my academic career. Thanks to the MUN community, I was instilled a passion and curiosity towards the importance of global issues and international affairs, and hope to inspire both student officers and delegates towards the same awareness. This year's theme - Speaking Truth to Power - is about confronting with systems of oppression face on. When not held accountable, institutions of power have shown, throughout history, to suppress the voices of the disempowered and manipulate systems of justice; absolute power, corrupts, absolutely. Thus, we hope to engage all delegates this year in a debate not only to come to understand how to reckon with speaking against abusing powers, but also speaking truth to empower.


Lastly, besides MUN, I'm a filmmaker and literature buff at heart! I encourage anyone with questions (or even if you just want to chat) to approach me, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing all of you this December!

Deputy Secretary General II - Amber Cheng.jpeg

Deputy Secretary-General II

Amber Cheng (IIS)

Honorable Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, and the most esteemed Guests of STMUN XIII,


My name is Amber Cheng, a senior from I-Shou International School (IIS). It is my utmost honor to serve in STMUN XIII this year as the Deputy Secretary-General. This conference marks my 21st MUN conference as well as my second time being a part of the secretariat team.


I hope through discussions during the conference, all participants would become more aware of global issues that we are facing today, that you could acquire knowledge and gain experiences to apply to both future conferences and daily life. MUN has helped me become a better critical thinker and global citizen, which I hope would also be true for you.


Aside from MUN, I also enjoy playing the violin, piano, soccer, ultimate frisbee and discovering arts around my life. I encourage every one of you to try your best in preparing and participating in the conference. Good luck, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Deputy Secretary General III - Kitty Tseng.jpeg

Deputy Secretary-General III

Kitty Tseng (HCAS)

Greetings, participants! Welcome to the thirteenth session of STMUN! My name is Kitty Tseng, a senior at Hsinchu County American School, and it is my utmost honor to serve as one of the Deputy Secretary-Generals here at STMUN XIII. Since eighth grade, I’ve attended eighteen conferences while growing to cherish the new opportunities MUN brings to the table—embracing the art of lobbying, viewing global issues through international lenses, meeting people from all around the world, and having lots and lots of fun!


This year, our theme “Speaking Truth To Power” is ever-so-pertinent to our world today. Despite looming challenges in conflict management and horrendous violations of human rights, those in power continue to pursue silence against injustice. Whether it be the faults of South Sudan’s new transitional government or the surge of corruption in Southeast Asia—injustice worldwide presents us, the MUN community, to use our voice to restore truth to power.


Besides MUN, I enjoy binge-watching television series (an Umbrella Academy fan here!), babysitting toddlers, and brunching with friends. I'm at your disposal if you have any interesting ideas, questions, or experiences to share. See you soon!