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STMUN XV Secretariat



Katherine Lee

Welcome to STMUN XV! I am Katherine Lee, a Junior at Kaohsiung American School. 

Started as a young delegate in middle school, MUN introduced many hidden global issues that made me heavily concerned. As I join more conferences and taken multiple different roles in MUN ranging from Delegates to Chairs to ICJ Judge, I learned to view issues from multiple perspectives and find balance between creativity and realistic solutions. That was my motivation to continue MUN, and I hope that you can also find you passion and meaning for MUN in STMUN this year. 

MUN is a great community that allows like-minded, talented, and considerate individuals to connect and expand views upon; no matter if you are an introvert, extrovert, ambivert, or even an omnivert, MUN will always be a welcoming community that is open-minded to discussion and debates. I’ve maintained tight bonds with many individuals I’ve met in several MUN conferences, and learned from individuals that shares different cultures as me, which has all been a valuable experience for me. 

This year in STMUN XV, I hope that you can find meaning to MUN, and create valuable and memorable high school memories while actively expressing your voice and speak up to allow everyone to be involved to improve our world where everything happens everywhere all at once. See you this December!


Deputy Secretary-General 

Carina Lin

Welcome to STMUN XV! 

I am Carina Lin, a sophomore at Kaohsiung American School. It’s my utmost pleasure to be the deputy secretariat of STMUN XV along with 3 amazing, talented girls. Ever since my first MUN conference in 7th grade, I immediately knew it was something I wanted to continue participating in for the rest of my middle and high school life. What attracted me was the important issues that are covered and the talented, passionate youths who came from all across Taiwan with the same goal: to make a difference in the world we live in. MUN introduced me to several crucial issues the world is facing right now and wonderful people that I wouldn’t have met if not for my MUN experiences. 

This year’s theme – Everything Everywhere All at Once: A Decade of Sus-tainability – is inspired by how drastically the world has changed recently due to novel advancements in technology. This discussion is applicable to almost every field, and everyone has a connection to it – before you say no, think ChatGPT :). Are we going to end up in a sci-fi dystopia? Or a utopia like Tomorrowland? Whichever it is, it’s up to us to find out.

I sincerely hope that all the delegates, chairs, admins, and directors who participate in STMUN XV can have a pleasurable and unforgettable experience. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! 


Deputy Secretary-General 

Rae Chia

Honorable MUN directors, fellow chairs, distinguished delegates, admins, and all other guests, 

I am Rae Chia, a rising junior from Kaohsiung American School and it is my utmost pleasure to serve as your Deputy Secretary General at STMUN XV.

I started my MUN journey at the end of seventh grade. As a confused, young, first-time participant, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the fluent and detailed debates, the excitement when an amendment was passed, and the rush of adrenaline when a delegate was called on; as I continued to participate in many more MUN conferences, I still find myself caught within the whirlwind of passionate debates and excitement of finding feasible solutions for topics that are crucial towards our society today. Amongst my many interests, I enjoy swimming, singing with friends and binging random netflix series so don't be afraid to reach out . :) 

For this year’s STMUN, I hope that delegates find their passions and discover joy in the art of debate and compromise. As our society globalizes, it is crucial for young minds to continue exploring, discovering, and seeking truths from different perspectives and innovations. 

Delegates, I wish you the best of luck at this year's STMUN and I hope to see young delegates blossom into young leaders in our society. One word of advice: Don't get caught up in everything everywhere all at once! I look forward to meeting all of you in December! 

Rae Chia 



Deputy Secretary-General 

Cherry Chiu

Esteemed participants of STMUN XV, 

I am Cherry Chiu, a junior from the International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park (IBST), and it is my utmost honor to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General. 

I started off in G7 as a delegate who barely spoke, terrified after delivering a speech against the most aggressive delegate in the conference room. However, I was determined to find my place in the world of MUN. Through more MUN conferences, I gradually stepped out of my comfort zone and became a global citizen, investing myself in international relations and placing diplomatic incidents into greater perspective. 

Though our world is becoming more globalized and advanced every second, many injustices continue to plague the international community. Model United Nations serves as a crucial avenue for youths to make a difference in our collective mission to achieve an equitable future for all. And as part of the secretariat team, I hope this conference allows delegates to immerse themselves in the world of MUN and blossom into global citizens, fostering diverse perspectives and striving towards a common goal. Asides from MUN, I also enjoy playing the clarinet, debating, and reading. Talk to me if you also share these interests! I look forward to seeing you all at STMUN XV!

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