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Yoyo Tang


Welcome to the Southern Taiwan Model United Nations Twelfth Annual Conference! I am Yoyo Tang, a senior at I-Shou International School and it is a tremendous honor to serve as the Secretary-General of STMUN XII 2020. Five years ago, I started off my MUN career as a shy delegate. Through all the battles I have fought and the lessons I have learned from numerous conferences, I have seen myself grow from a shy delegate to a confident young man who is able to stand on the podium and present her thoughts.

STMUN is a precious opportunity that allows delegates to explore various global issues and broaden their worldviews through discussions and debates; a place that encourages students to think critically and to go beyond the borders of of research papers; and most importantly, a conference that guides students to fulfill their dreams and to foster personal growth. In the past 12 years, with the efforts, improvements, and tremendous progress made all frontiers, STMUN is coming closer to its mission. This year, at its twelfth conference, STMUN XII has reached an important milestone. This year, STMUN XII is focusing on holistic wellness for humanity, striving to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Last but not least, with all the hard work that the STMUN XII secretariats, executive and planning team have, I am confident that STMUN XII will be the most memorable and enjoyable MUN conference that you have ever experienced. Hopefully, you are all as excited and looking forward to the conference I am!

Dep. ​Secretary-General

Alice Lu


My name is Alice Lu, a current senior from I-Shou International School, and it is my most pleasure to serve as your Deputy Secretary General for the upcoming STMUN conference! This year marks the 5th year of my MUN journey, and ever since I have participated in various positions with amazing experiences. MUN truly shaped my perspective in different ways and inspired my passion in discussing global issues. STMUN has always been a huge part of my life as it is the first conference I attended as a student officer. Besides MUN, I enjoy playing video games and watching TV shows on Netflix during my pastime. I am also a huge fan of baseball and have been a softball player since middle school. Looking forward to see you guys at the conference!!!

Dep. ​Secretary-General

Amber Cheng

Honourable participants of STMUN XII,


My name is Amber Cheng, a junior (G11) from I-Shou International School (IIS). It is my utmost honour to serve in STMUN this year as the Deputy Secretary General. I’ve participate over 16 conferences with  over 4 chairing experiences. 

When I first knew about MUN as a seventh-grader, I didn't realise how powerful, or life-changing it could be. Being an active MUNer through these few years as a delegate, advocate, chair and advisor, I can feel how MUN cannot take actions to help the world directly. But through MUN, I am able to engage in more global issues and think critically, which prepares me to be a better global citizen. I hope this will be true for all of you as well.

Aside from MUN, I also enjoy playing the violin, piano, making speeches, going to debates, playing soccer, ultimate frisbee, as well as editing videos and filming. 

 I encourage all delegates to try their best in preparing and participating in the conference. Good luck, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Dep. ​Secretary-General

Kyle Lu

Greetings, I'm Kyle Lu, a junior at lBST, and it's my pleasure to serve as your Deputy Secretary General for STMUN XII. It has been quite a long way from my first MUN here at STMUN. I embarked on my MUN journey back in seventh grade, marking this year my fifth. I started MUN with the goal of enhancing my debate skills and getting to know more people around Taiwan. Throughout my years in MUN, I’ve been constantly challenging myself to make an impact through ways such as raising awareness. I hope we can all look beyond the numbers and make our best out of STMUN XII — evoking innovative solutions to the global issues we have in hand and ultimately developing as a global citizen. I’ve been to quite a few conferences for the past few years and take great interest in MUN and debate. My other hobbies include watching movies, drumming, and swimming. I completely understand those who are first timers or aren’t that fluent in any aspects of MUN. Passion and determination is all it takes, so feel free to approach me if you have any questions!


I-Shou International School

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