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STMUN XIV Secretariat

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Yankee Leung

Honorable MUN directors, fellow chairs, distinguished delegates, diligent admins, and all guests, my name is Yankee Leung, a senior at I-Shou International School, and it is my utmost pleasure to serve as your Secretary-General at the Fourteenth Southern Taiwan Model United Nations. Ever since my first contact with a formal MUN conference, I fell in love with the experience this extracurricular activity has brought me and I attended 5 conferences in 4 months. This year’s theme, Shifting Power Dynamics in a Globalized World, exhibits how globalization impacts our world, both positively and negatively. With the issues that are proposed, STMUN XIV wishes to rectify the negative factors during globalization. As a lover of history and debate, MUN created the perfect platform for me to share my passion in the most significant way. Being a part of the MUN community is so remarkable because everyone optains the opportunity to negotiate with one another, share different perspectives, and spark numerous fruitful discussions.


Aside from MUN, I also enjoy watching and playing sports, most notably, soccer and volleyball, and also eat a lot of food. Along with the STMUN XIV team, we hope that this conference will be an amusing and pleasant experience for everyone. I hope to see you all in December!


Deputy Secretary-General 

Darrin Lin

Greetings, and welcome to the fourteenth annual session of STMUN!


I am Darrin Lin, a junior from Kaohsiung American School, and it is an honor of mine to serve as one of your Deputy Secretaries-General this year.

STMUN, to me, is like no other conference; it marked many of the “firsts” in my MUN career: my first-ever MUN conference, security council delegation, ICJ debate, and chairing experience all took place here. Thanks to MUN, I was introduced to the complex world of foreign policy and diplomacy; the experiences and knowledge which I gained from the activity are invaluable. This year’s theme — shifting power dynamics in a globalized world — speaks to the countless calls for justice and righteousness throughout history. In this seemingly disorderly society, we are prompted to question the status quo and act on the issues brought forth. Thus, we hope to engage all delegates with new perspectives and solutions appropriate for our ever-changing world.

We might all know MUN as an activity of socializing, buying expensive suits, and making (un)cool analogies, but I hope this conference will help you learn and grow as you continue your MUN journey. Outside MUN, I enjoy photography, tennis, and occasionally playing the piano. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, see you in December!

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Deputy Secretary-General 

Claudia Chuang

Honorable participants of STMUN XIV,

My name is Claudia Chuang, a current junior attending Kaohsiung American School (KAS). It is my utmost honor to serve as one of the Deputy-Secretary Generals of this year’s annual STMUN conference.
Four years ago, I embarked on my MUN journey as a timid delegate who nearly fell off her chair at the banging of the gavel. Since then, much has changed. Words cannot describe how significant a role MUN has played in my life. It has nurtured the skills necessary in academic environments and further expanded my interests in political science and global issues.
Besides MUN, I enjoy binge-watching Netflix films, taking naps during rainy seasons, and taking ridiculously bad photos of my friends and siblings. All in all, I hope this opportunity will assist all those attending to gain further insights into global issues and develop the confidence and leadership necessary for success.

I look forward to seeing all of you in December!

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Deputy Secretary-General 

Vivian Chiu

I am Vivian Chiu, a senior at the International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park (IBST), and I am extremely honored to welcome you to STMUN XIV as your Deputy Secretary-General. 


Since sixth grade, I’ve participated in twenty conferences and thus stepped out of my comfort zone and developed an avid interest in international relations. To me, MUN is not about who is the main submitter or whether a resolution passes; it is about self-improvement and the journey to becoming global citizens.


This year’s theme “Shifting Power Dynamics in a Globalized World” challenges the injustices that persist to plague the international community, even while our world is becoming more globalized and advanced every second. I hope that this conference provides an avenue for delegates to foster diverse perspectives, cultivate ideas amongst criticism, strive towards compromise and negotiation, and blossom into global citizens. Remember, even one idea, point of information, speech, or amendment is an important step to shifting power dynamics for a more just world. 


I look forward to seeing you all at STMUN XIV!

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