UN Women (UN4MUN)

President: Brian Lain (TAS)

Hi everyone! I am Brian, a senior currently studying at Taipei American School. In the past year, I have served as the Secretary-General for TASMUN (Taipei American School MUN) and jrO-MUN (Junior Online MUN). As a leader of these programs, my mission was to provide an experience that not only inspires everyone to take action but also equip them with the necessary skills and tools for social impact. This will once again be my goal as the President of UN Women. With direct conversations made possible through the UN4MUN procedure, we can treat this conference as an opportunity to have an open dialogue on gender-related issues in our society today, while learning how to speak up and reach consensus. As we acquire such skills and gain a more comprehensive understanding of society’s systematic discrimination against women, we can hopefully become better global citizens that will go forth and make gender equality a reality.

Deputy President: Amanda Ding (TAS)

Hello fellow delegates, chairs, and esteemed guests! My name is Amanda Ding and I am currently a senior at Taipei American School. I sincerely welcome you all to the UN Women committee and look forward to working with you over the next few days. Throughout my time as a delegate, I am extremely grateful to have taken part in UN4MUN procedure committees every year. And as a chair, I still must thank TASMUN 2019 to give me the opportunity to become Secretary of the UN4MUN committee there, as it stands as one of the most collaborative and productive debates I have ever taken part in. As 49% of the world’s population, women must be highlighted as frontrunners and leaders of our generation. In these times of great development, where everyone has been given a platform to speak and be self-aware, it is important to recognize the influence we all have on our communities, however small. So in discussing these essential topics, I hope that each and everyone of us will be able to learn from each other and grow over the duration of this conference.


I-Shou International School

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