United Nations Development Programme


Issue 1101

anti-corruption and democratic governance


Issue 1102

Rebuilding civilian capacity and resilient institutions in the aftermath of conflict


Jonathan Hu (KAS)

Honorable participants of STMUN,


I am Jonathan Hu, currently a senior attending Kaohsiung American School. It is one of my greatest honors to serve as your UNDP President (as well as the Deputy Head of Press) for STMUN XIII. This year marks my fourth year in MUN since I first started during my freshman year. I was once a timid delegate who only made one POI throughout the five-day THIMUN Singapore conference. It was the guidance of my fellow delegates, advisors, and friends that I have made along the journey that improved my speaking and writing skills. Just like these people, I am here to assist you in your MUN journey. As the president of UNDP, my job is to foster a place of growth where delegates can learn from one another and aren’t afraid to reach out to seek help. Outside of MUN, I like to bake cakes and take care of my pet fish.


I am excited to finally see you all in person!

UNDP Deputy President - Paul Lee.jpg

Deputy President

Paul Lee (IIS)

Greetings! My name is Paul, a current senior studying at I-Shou International School. It is my pleasure to serve as your Deputy President for the UNDP at STMUN XIII. I began my MUN career in 7th grade as an admin. I was amazed by how delegates negotiate with each other through their country stances and strive to construct plausible solutions for global issues together. Since then, I was delighted to participate in each MUN conference because it improved my ability to express my thoughts and raised my worldwide awareness and open-mindedness through the research process. This year, I continued to pursue my beloved path, and I hope delegates can enjoy MUN as much as I am. Please don’t be afraid of making mistakes, as it is a crucial learning process. If you need support from me, don’t hesitate to contact me as I am more than willing to assist you. Aside from MUN, I love listening to K-pop music, watching Japanese Anime, and trying different types of cuisines! I hope you guys feel confident and be ready to have a wonderful experience. Best wishes to all of you, and I’m looking forward to meeting you in December!