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United Nations Development Programme

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Sophie Wong

Hello delegates!

I'm Sophie Wong, a current junior at Taipei American School. I am honored to be serving as the President of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) this year for STMUN. Although my first experiences with MUN were in fifth grade as a page and sixth as a press team member, I started MUN in seventh grade with my first conference as a delegate in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have gained experience over the years in numerous roles as a delegate, judge, and chair as well as different procedures ranging from THIMUN, UNA-USA, Crisis, to ICJ. This will be my sixth conference as a Student Officer. MUN has allowed me to connect with students from different cultures and perspectives. Personally, it sparked my passion for international relations and social issues. I hope this conference will be full of vibrant and interesting debates! I am looking forward to meeting everyone in December!

IMG_4698 - weiwei chao.HEIC

Deputy President

Weiwei Chao

Honorable chair, fellow delegates, and most esteemed guests, I’m Weiwei Chao, currently a sophomore in Pacific American School (PAS). I’m honored to serve as the Deputy President of the United Nations Development Programme at STMUN XIV. I started my MUN journey when I was in 8th grade, and have been actively participating as a delegate. Inspired by the spirit and passion MUN created, I’ve since sought to learn more about global issues that the world is facing today. Getting involved in such meaningful events, I believe, is the best decision I’ve ever made. Eventually, my charing experience started in high school, and I became the chair for our school’s MUN club. With seven conferences and chaired two, I was able to gain valuable skills and a deep understanding of our world. Throughout these years, MUN allowed me to become confident, and prompted me to step out of my comfort zone. Other than improving public speaking skills and knowledge about the issues, I believe the most essential element of MUN is awareness and inspiration. Thus at STMUN XIV, I will assist every delegate in the UNDP and make this experience memorable and insightful. See ya in December!

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