World Health Organization 1 (High School)

President: Jasper Chang (DIS)   

Dear delegates of the World Health Organization High School committee,


I am Jasper Chang, and it is with great honor to serve alongside Weiyu Lin as your president for WHO (HS). I am currently a senior attending Dominican International School; this will be my 15th conference and the 3rd time chairing. My hobbies include photography, getting news of the latest tech stuff, and video games (even though I am terrible). I started MUN back in 7th grade, making it almost six years since I was brought to the program. My continuation and love for this program are because of the community formed, the people you get to meet in conferences, and the ideas brought forth by these people. And it has not failed to surprise me at every conference since. Therefore, I urge all of you to feel at home, come together despite our differences, and recognize the ideas brought forth to solve global issues. I am thrilled to be your chair for this year, and I hope to see you at STMUN during December.

Deputy President: Weiyu Lin (IBST)

Hello, my name is Wei-Yu Lin, and I am a Sophomore at the International Bilingual School at Tainan-Science-Park. It is my utmost honor to be the deputy president of the WHO at STMUN XII. I started doing MUN in eighth grade, and I have attended around ten conferences in-person and online. I first fell in love with MUN 2 years ago at STMUN X, where I had the honor of witnessing the diplomatic and political sides of MUN. While I only made a few speeches and took a handful of POIs, it is one of my most memorable conferences. I can look back and see that everybody embarks on their MUN journey at the same level. I hope that I can make this conference as memorable as possible for both experienced and inexperienced delegates. Some things that I enjoy include MUN, debate, listening to music, futsal, and volleyball. If I have free time, I would be binge-watching Netflix TV shows.


I-Shou International School

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