World Health Organization 1


Issue 901

Ensuring the accessibility of health care for migrant workers


Issue 902

Governing the distribution and proper use of vaccines under the COVID-19 pandemic

WHO 1 President - Daniel Lin.jpg


Daniel Lin (IBST)

Hey everybody~

I'm Daniel Lin and I am a rising junior at IBST, serving as the President of WHO for STMUN this year. STMUN 2021 marks the beginning of my 5th year doing MUN, and my 6th time chairing a conference. MUN personally serves as a foundation to building many important life skills, whether its public speaking or analytical thinking. It also builds social skills and courage. MUN has given me the opportunity to meet many new friends and even begin my own conference at Nanke. The academic and interpersonal lessons I have learned from MUN have been invaluable and I hope to be able to share a part of this through chairing this conference.


Aside from MUN, I'm an avid debater, soccer as well as volleyball player. I look forward to meeting all of you in December!

WHO 1 Deputy President - Cindy Yang.png

Deputy President

Cindy Yang (HCAS)

Hello delegates! I am Cindy Yang, a junior in Hsinchu County American School, and I am more than honored to serve as your deputy chair for the World Health Organization committee. I started my MUN journey in eighth grade to improve my public speaking skill. I soon realized MUN is much more than debating, it teaches participants about the world around us, changes that we can make, and the importance of communication and teamwork. Since then, I have grown to enjoy all aspects of the MUN experience. I relish the cooperative lobbying, the thrilling debate, and making new friendships. STMUN XIII will be my eighth conference and second time chairing. Aside from MUN, I play basketball and volleyball for my school. I also enjoy playing golf with my family. During my free time, I like to scroll through Tik Tok, take a nap, and watch Netflix. I would love to provide the delegates with an entertaining and memorable MUN experience. I want to make sure all the delegates are comfortable and help all of you out as much as possible. Feel free to contact me with questions and concerns. Welcome to WHO, I look forward to working and meeting you all in STMUN XIII.