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World Health Organization 2 (MS)

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Joshua Roh

Dear Delegates, it is an honour to attend the World Health Organization (WHO) at the fifteenth annual STMUN conference, serving as your head chair. I am Joshua Roh, a sophomore at Taipei European School and the expert chair for the second issue (0802).

What I like about MUN is that it not only connects us to other delegates but to global issues that will inevitably become more urgent in your lifetime. One of my first pre-pandemic conferences was on pandemics; it helped me understand their threat and respond accordingly during COVID-19. MUN has also given me transferrable skills I use every day: to think of solutions, pitch them, compromise, and resolve is something I do at home, in the classroom and in the future, at work.

But what I like best about MUN is that it is reciprocal. It allows older delegates like us to give back to the people we once were. Using everything I have learnt in my delegate years, I can ensure that the next generation of delegates is more ready than us to face their issues. It is a privilege I am honoured to have, and I will try my best to make this a meaningful experience.

When not preparing for MUN conferences, you can almost always find me in the cinema, watching films. Unlike in the cinema, I hope you will be able to speak as much as you can. MUN is a place to work together, regardless of identity, to achieve common goals through different solutions. As your chair, I will make this environment as supportive and safe as possible; but it is up to you to use it to your advantage. I look forward to seeing you, not with immense amounts of research, but with enthusiasm and willingness to participate.

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Deputy President

Edward Chen 

Dear participants, 

My name is Edward Chen, a current junior at the International Bilingual Science Park of Tainan (IBST). It is my honor this year to serve as a deputy president of the WHO 2 committee in STMUN for the first time. My journey in Model United Nations (MUN) began in 7th grade when I represented India in HsinMun. In STMUN, I spoke the most in the Security Council committee once and made Estonia the best delegate. Since then, I have grown more confident in public speaking and have become deeply involved in MUN activities. 

Now, as a deputy chair in a middle school committee, I feel a strong responsibility to guide and encourage young delegates to express themselves and conduct thorough research. My hope is that my actions will inspire both inexperienced and experienced delegates to collaborate effectively and craft feasible and impactful resolutions. For me, MUN is not just a place to make friends; it is a valuable platform to gain insights into global issues and expand one's understanding of the world.

Being part of the debate club, I am particularly passionate about topics related to world conflicts and issues, and MUN provides me with an opportunity to help others develop their worldviews on such matters. During my leisure time, I enjoy playing video games, especially online card games, as well as watching YouTube videos and listening to music. If you share a love for Pokémon, I'd be more than happy to chat with you about it during the break. 

But above all, I encourage everyone to savor the STMUN experience and cherish the connections we make here.

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