Human Rights Council


Issue 701

Strengthening protection measures of whistleblowers on governments


Issue 702

Protecting human rights in the event of a transfer in governmental power

HRC President - Rosemary Ho.jpg


Rosemary Ho (DIS)

Greetings delegates! My name is Rosemary Ho, a junior at Dominican International School Taipei. It is with great pleasure to serve as your president in the Human Rights Council this year. STMUN will be my tenth conference and third time chairing. I began my MUN journey in the eighth grade as a naive and reserved delegate. Despite this, I found myself captivated by the enthusiasm each person possessed upon entering the conference room. Consequently, I have been holding onto this experience dearly as I embarked on my MUN journey. As an avid public speaker and advocate for human rights, I enjoy every moment I spend debating, devising, and discovering. MUN has allowed me to share these experiences with like-minded individuals: it puts forth a platform where all voices matter. MUN has also enabled me to find my voice -- and to learn to appreciate other people's -- in an environment that is as ever-changing as the society we live in today. Apart from MUN, I enjoy literature (some favorites are Didion, Baldwin, and Murakami), classical music, and Animal Crossing. My passion for MUN stems from the infinite opportunities and experiences it provides, and I hope you can develop a love for MUN that equates -- if not exceeds -- my own. See you in December. 

HRC Deputy President - Darrin Lin.jpg

Deputy President

Darrin Lin (KAS)

Hi! I am Darrin Lin, a sophomore from Kaohsiung American School, and it is a great honor for me to serve as your deputy president for HRC. My MUN journey began when I was just a sixth grader, and I am ecstatic to have the chance to chair at the conference where I first found my passion for MUN. As I furthered my pursuit of this path, my interest in the different dynamics of global issues grew and was ingrained into me. With a seemingly ordinary weekend of intense debates and erudite conversations, I was drawn into the world of model UN and realized that I yearned for something greater. STMUN XIII will be my 11th conference, and my first ever chairing experience. We all know MUN is about buying expensive suits, but it also is a way to broaden the perspective and view on policies and current events and to expand and greatly improve public speaking and interpersonal skills. To beginner and experienced delegates alike, I hope this conference will help you learn and grow as you continue your MUN journey. Besides MUN, I also enjoy playing the piano, debate, reading, and binge-watching Netflix shows. Talk to me if you share those interests! I look forward to seeing you all in STMUN XIII!