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Security Council 2

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Christine Ko



My name is Christine Ko, a current senior at Kaohsiung American School, and it is my utmost pleasure to serve as your President for Security Council at STMUN XV. My Model UN journey started four years ago at STMUN XII and has forever changed my life. Now, I understand that this statement is quite an exaggeration, but all in all, I can say that I will not be the person I am right now without the four years of Model UN I have experienced. 


As a first-time delegate four years ago, I was incredibly anxious and nervous, which I assume most of you are, regardless of STMUN being your first or one of many conferences. I am grateful for the guidance I had during that conference from my chairs and my fellow delegates, which is what I hope to deliver. Making this conference comfortable is my number one goal, and rest assured that SC2 will be nothing but comfort. Feel free to chat with me or the Deputy President should you feel necessary, and I am always there for you. 


Outside of Model UN, I enjoy watching football (not soccer, the real football), crocheting, reading, watching anime, and listening to music. 


With that, I hope STMUN XV will be one of the most memorable conferences you will ever attend.  I'll see you all in December. 


Best of luck,

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Deputy President

Elsie Duann

Hi delegates! I’m Elsie Duann, a Junior from Pacific American School. It is my utmost honor to be serving as your deputy President for Security Council 2. I started my MUN journey in 8th grade, knowing close to nothing about international relations and politics. I have to admit that my first-ever conference wasn’t enjoyable, as I was always too scared to speak on the podium, fearing that I might say something laughable. As I continued to gather experiences and grow my knowledge, however, MUN became an irreplaceable part of my life. It gave me an opportunity to learn about all kinds of global issues as well as radically different perspectives on international relations. In STMUN XV, I wish to help delegates navigate debates and hold fruitful discussions. As someone who was once frightened of speaking on the podium, I also want to make new delegates see past their anxieties and find enjoyment and knowledge through MUN. Aside from MUN, I participate in Public Forum debate. I also enjoy reading fictions and watching Netflix series. With that, I’m looking forward to meeting you all in December!

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