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STMUN XIV Committee Issues


Security Council 1

(101) The erosion of Hong Kong sovereignty guaranteed under the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration
(102) Addressing the situation in Ukraine


Security Council 2 (MS)

(201) Addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
(202) The Issue of tensions in the Taiwan Strait


General assembly 1

(301) The prevention of electoral interference and infiltration
(302) Addressing the use of cyberwarfare


General Assembly 3

(401) Measures to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Somalia
(402) The question of non-state nations


General Assembly 4

(501) The question of regulating space militarization and commercialization
(502) Strengthening measures to alleviate the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon


General assembly 6

(601) Addressing the issues related to digital evidence
(602) The question of regulating the use of mass surveillance to combat crime


Human rights council 

(701) The issue of human trafficking in the Middle East
(702) Addressing the issue of treatment of Ukrainian refugees


economic and social council

(801) The issue of Human Capital Flight (Brain Drain) in Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs)


World health organization 1

(901) The question of global health equity during the COVID-19 Pandemic
(902) Combatting adverse health effects toward indigenous communities caused by corporation-induced pollution


World Health organization 2 (MS)

(1001) Addressing the measures of healthcare for those disabled
(1002) Measures to sustain affordable healthcare under aging populations


United nations development programme

(1101) Addressing the quality of life of those living in globally sanctioned states
(1102) Ensuring the resilience of developing countries under climate change


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

(1201) Addressing the issue of the  worldwide illicit drug trade
(1202) Measures to combat the financing of terrorism


internationalcourt of justice

(1301) Maritime Dispute (Peru v. Chile)

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