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STMUN XVI Committee Issues


Security Council 1

(0101) Alleviating the dangers of the North Korean crisis towards external nations

(0102) Possible approaches to reform the Security Council while ensuring executive rights 


Security Council 2 (MS)

(0201) Inaugurating peace and stability under the situation of the Somalia crisis

(0202) Mediating and finding effective solutions to the Kurdish-Turkish conflict 


General assembly 1

(0301) The question of non-state armed groups disrupting peace and security

(0302) Preventing the escalation of proxy conflict tactics in warfare 


General Assembly 2

(0401) Addressing the escalating issue of trade fragmentation and the potential risks on the global economy

(0402) Questioning the use of debt trap diplomacy as monetary backing while establishing the necessity of legal bilateral equalities


General Assembly 3

(0501) Means to sufficiently preserve the cultural heritage of indigenous and minority groups 

(0502) Actions to compensate war-torn nations in recovering from internal and external devastation


General assembly 4

(0601) Assessing the impacts and effects of United Nations DPPA political missions around the globe

(0602) Prospects of decontaminating and restoring atomic radiation-affected regions


General Assembly 6

(0701) The question of legalization and effective use of assisted suicide

(0702) Jurisdiction of the legality and use of deep fake and artificial intelligence technologies


Human rights council

(0801) Combatting the attack on journalists and misinformation under conflicting circumstances

(0802) Settling disputes over arbitrary arrest and detention with extrajudicial executions and short-term anomalous disappearances


economic and social council (ms)

(0901) Developing solutions to effectively mitigate unemployment rates

(0902) The issue of global inflation and the impacts on national economies


world health organization

(1001) Discussing the question of abortion

(1002) Regulating the sources and solving current situations of infodemic


(1101) Assessing the impacts of peacekeeping operations

(1102) Approaches to develop infrastructure in LEDCs


United Nations Environment Programme (ms)

(1201) Practicing methods of sustainable environmental preservation

(1202) The question of wildlife trafficking


United Nations Children's Fund (ms)

(1301) Combatting the complications of child exploitation

(1302) Emphasizing the issue of children’s right to education


International Criminal Police Organization

(1401) Efforts for combatant towards global financial crime

(1402) Accentuating possible operations towards the Philippines’ drug war


Crisis committee

(1501) The situation of Germany’s Reunification in World War II


international court of justice

(1601) The South China Sea Arbitration (The Republic of Philippines v. The People's Republic of China)

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