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Economics and Social Council 1

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Ryan Lin

I am Ryan Lin, a current junior at Taipei American School. I am incredibly excited to be able to serve as Head Chair of ECOSOC 1. I started off my MUN journey in jro-MUN as a delegate. Then, I progressed with my MUN journey taking on different roles as a mentor, ICJ advocate, ICJ judge, and chair. Gaining more experience, I stepped out of my comfort zone to participate actively in discussions and debates. I grew as a delegate who wasn’t afraid to speak out and contribute my ideas. As such, this pushed me to be more confident when facing challenges even beyond the realms of MUN. Looking at STMUN, I hope to make this experience for every one of y’all memorable and fun. Especially, we should all utilize the opportunity of this conference to take strides into making the world a better place. I look forward to seeing y’all in December!

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Deputy President

Hannah Fu

Hi delegates! I am Hannah Fu, a current junior at International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park, and I am honored to serve as your Deputy President for ECOSOC 1 this year. Through this conference, I would like to promote and facilitate fruitful debates that the delegates will bring. Since I was introduced to Model United Nations, I have been inspired to explore new areas as well as remain aware of current issues. At first, I only focused on a few committees, but later I quickly expanded and found all of them equally important.  What I really love about MUN is that it is a great way to communicate, connect, and cooperate with other delegates in different schools, which is a really unique and valuable experience for me. Through MUN, I developed various new aspects of different issues, which reminds me to always consider all sorts of perspectives in different situations. Some of my hobbies outside of MUN are listening to music, skiing, and sailing. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing everyone in STMUN!

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