Economics and Social Council


Issue 801

Addressing the social implications of illicit financial flows


Issue 802

Supporting the economic recovery of LEDC countries amidst global trade disruptions

ECOSOC President - Allison Chen.jpg


Allison Chen (KAS)

Greetings, delegates!

My name is Allison Chen, a senior from Kaohsiung American School. I am beyond excited to serve as your ECOSOC President at the 13th annual STMUN conference. This will be my third time chairing and the eighth conference that I will be attending. Since joining Model United Nations in tenth grade, I have opened myself up to so many new experiences and perspectives. Moreover, I realized how I have found my voice through the roles I have assumed in MUN conferences. I remember my first MUN conference being a large General Assembly 3 committee and how consumed I was by my own nervousness. It was when I received encouragement from my chair that I realized how important this position is. I hope that I can also influence my delegates the same way I was impacted. I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you and furthering our MUN journey together. Outside of MUN, I am an Economics nerd (coincidence?), binge watching Jacob Clifford all day. Before you judge me, I do also watch other Netflix shows! I have been doing taekwondo for 7 years, and I enjoy singing and playing the piano. Enough about me, please feel free to message me, introduce yourself, and ask any questions or concerns you have! See you soon!

ECOSOC Deputy President - Maya Braunstein.jpg

Deputy President

Maya Braunstein (HCAS)

Hello delegates,
My name is Maya Braunstein, a sophomore at Hsinchu County American School and I am very honored to be your deputy chair for the Environmental and Social Committee. I started my MUN journey just last year, with my first conference being an online conference, THIMUN Singapore. I have also attended HIMUN and TAIMUN and STMUN will be my first time chairing. I enjoy MUN because I am able to learn about world issues and learn different perspectives on how to fix them. I also enjoy MUN because it gives you the opportunity to meet people from all different backgrounds. As this is my first time chairing, I strive to be open and available and offer any help and support that is needed. To the new delegates, I hope this conference will be enjoyable and a good first experience that leaves you wanting more! To the returning delegates, I hope this can be a memorable conference where you can use your past skills to further improve! All in all, I am looking forward to an enjoyable conference that will leave everyone with life long memories! I’m excited to meet everyone in December!