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Economics and Social Council

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Maya Braunstein

Hello delegates! My name is Maya Braunstein and I am a junior at Hsinchu County American school. I am pleased to be your President for the Economic and Social Council. My MUN career moved very quickly. At only my second conference, I was a P5 nation in SC. My fourth conference, STMUN XIII, was my first chair position. Since then, I have attended two other conferences as President and I am very honored to be serving as President again. I enjoy MUN because it has helped me find my voice as well as the role of a leader. My goal is to be able to support delegates, however that may look like. I look forward to meeting all of you and I encourage everyone to familiarize yourself with the issue, but most importantly, have fun! Outside of MUN, I enjoy watching Netflix and playing basketball, but I mostly scroll through TikTok. If you have any questions about your job as a delegate, or anything else related or unrelated to MUN, please reach out to me. Overall, I am very honored to be serving as your President in ECOSOC and I am very excited to meet each of you in December!


Deputy President

Hubert Huang

Hi, delegates, I am Hubert Huang, a sophomore from Pacific American School, and it is my utmost honor to serve as your deputy president for the Economic and Social Council for STMUN XIV.  When I first entered MUN, I was an anxious and baffled 7th-grade student, surrounded by eager and enthusiastic debaters; ever since then, the experience of MUN never failed to fascinate me. I immersed myself in the charm of activism, and pondered in awe the rich beauty of finding solutions and ramifications to global issues. Beyond everything else, it is a place where like-minded teenagers can break away from their envelope of unease and self-doubt. No matter if this is your first conference or your twentieth, I will strive to make debate interesting and meaningful. Aside from MUN, I enjoy sleeping and reading science fiction in my free time. I wish all of you guys good luck and I look forward to working with all of you!

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