STMUN XIII Student Leaders

Head of Administration

Sammi Shih (KAS)

Honorable chairs, fellow delegates, and most esteemed guests,


I am Sammi Shih, a current senior at Kaohsiung American School, and your head of administration for this year’s STMUN. This year marks my fourth and last year in MUN. My MUN journey started off in my freshman year, and the memory of my first ever conference still lives vividly in my head. I was lucky enough to participate in THIMUN Singapore 2018 as my first conference. Needless to say, standing in front of two hundred people, most of which are much more experienced than me. Later, I got to attend more conferences, in which I saw myself grow as a global citizen. Throughout the years, I came to realize the important yet invisible work the administration team does, and hoped to be part of the process. The conferences that I attended would not have been as successful without the admins, especially those overseas where they served conferences consisting of thousands of students. I wanted to bring the same welcoming experience to this year’s STMUN and make the conference a pleasant memory that each participant can take away. I look forward to delivering an enjoyable conference to each and every one of you.

Deputy Head of Administration

James Huang (KAS)

Honorable chairs, fellow delegates, and the most esteemed guests,


I am James Huang, currently a senior at Kaohsiung American School. It is my utmost honor to serve as the deputy head of admin for this year’s STMUN. Prior to becoming a part of the MUN community, my strongest fear is to talk in front of the crowd. My first MUN conference was back in my freshman year. I still remembered at that time, I really wanted to talk, but I was too afraid to stand on the podium. Over the past three years, I attended numerous conferences and overcame my fear of speaking gradually. Through attending these meetings, I have a greater desire to not only being part of the conference but also a member of the executive team. I want to be involved in every aspect of the planning and execution of the conference. MUN taught me how to effectively communicate with others, allowed me to overcome my fear of public speaking, and I want to share all my experiences with others. Being the deputy head of admin, I promised to train all the admins to provide the best experience you can ever have. It is my honor to serve for this year’s STMUN, and I wish you all the best and good luck and hope you all have a wonderful time.

Head of Press

Paula Hsiao (KAS)

Honorable participants of STMUN XIII,


I’m Paula Hsiao, a senior from Kaohsiung American School, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve as the Head of Press for STMUN XIII. My experience in MUN involves being in the administration team for past conferences, which allowed me to listen in on the issues discussed by different committees, helping me to understand the different political and social fabrics that our society exists under – an interesting display of how divisive cultures can be united through microcosms of real world diplomacy, such as STMUN. Since young, I’ve enjoyed journalism and writing as not only a form of communication, but also a way to evoke change through activism. That’s why I wish that, through the press issues this year, we’re able to further advocate the dissemination of knowledge and truth in the context of our local community, but more importantly, for current and future issues a part of our global community. I hope that we, as the press team, bring a holistic visual and journalistic portrayal of this conference so that you truly feel connected to the issues you represent and the amazing people you’ll meet. I will make sure that this experience gives students a place of growth to become the voices of a future generation of change, and I look forward to seeing you all!

Deputy Head of Press

Jonathan Hu (KAS)

Honorable participants of STMUN XIII,

I am Jonathan Hu, currently a senior attending Kaohsiung American School. It is one of my greatest honors to serve as your deputy head of press for STMUN XIII. This year marks my fourth year attending MUN conferences. I first joined MUN during my freshman year, and over the years it has shaped me into a confident speaker and skillful writer. To me the most intriguing part of conferences have always been the opportunity of forming new connections with fellow delegates and chairs. Similarly, My passion with journalism began with my interests in communication through inter-personal skills.  Mostly my experience with press-related work come from joining the KAS newspaper club, which has given me the opportunity to explore this region of interest and create journalistic content. This included hosting interviews or podcasts featured members of the school community. Over the past year, the newspaper club has produced journalistic works through different mediums such as social media posts, magazines, websites, and videos. Excitingly, this year’s STMUN has given me the opportunity to merge my two interests together. Alongside my partner. I hope to showcase the MUN community through the lens of an experienced and passionate MUNer that would be appealing to both non-participants and participants of the conference.

Head of Design

Eric Shih (KAS)

Honorable participants of STMUN,


I am Eric Shih, a senior from KAS and the Head of Design. It is my utmost honor to be able to participate and serve for STMUN XIII. Unlike that of most other executives, my first MUN experience was rather late. My first experience with MUN was in my sophomore year, serving as a layout editor for MUN XI's press team. My first experience with designing, however, was way earlier. To be frank, my hands are not particularly good with paint brushes, sketching pencils, or anything of that sort, but I was obsessed with changing the way things around me looked. Instead of creating new pieces of art with my hand, I found my way of aestheticizing with a mouse and a keyboard. I hope to bring my passion for design to STMUN XIII not just during the STMUN conference itself but also the memories that you bring with you. Sure, STMUN is fun, but why can't we keep the fun and make it prettier? With that said, I hereby promise to try my best to give the best presentation of STMUN XIII to you all.

Deputy Head of Design

Emily Lin (KAS)

Greetings, participants of STMUN XIII!


I am Emily Lin, a senior from Kaohsiung American School and it is my honor serving as the Deputy Head of Design for STMUN XIII. I embarked on my MUN journey back in eighth grade, wanting to enhance my debate skills since I was super shy and was always terrified to speak in front of others. Throughout my years in MUN, I’ve become more confident in debating and obtained valuable experience through teamwork and diplomacy as a delegate and a press member.


As a kid, I’ve always been interested in design and enjoyed arts and crafts (such as rainbow loom and knitting) a lot and loved to come up with my own design whenever possible. Therefore, I had always wanted to build on my experience in MUN by contributing my design skills in another position. With that said, I can’t wait to see all of you in December!

Head of Carnival

Yumi Sato (KAS)

Honorable chair, fellow delegates, and most esteemed guests,


I am Yumi Sato, currently a senior at Kaohsiung American School, and I’m honored to serve as your Head of Carnival for STMUN XIII! My MUN journey began sophomore year, when my friends encouraged me to participate and partake in this wonderful opportunity to grow and develop confidence, critical thinking, and diplomacy. My first conference was at THIMUN Singapore, where we had to stand and speak in front of more than 200 people. Unnerving as it was, I finally spoke on the last day of the conference, and I immediately felt a sense of accomplishment for doing so. This sparked a sense of adrenaline and excitement in me as I realized how fun conferences actually are. However, as memorable as the conferences were, I can only think back to the party we had at the end. Everyone huddled together (before COVID of course) and sang and danced together— having the time of our lives and I hope to bring the same kind of thrill to you guys as well! As difficult as it sounds, with the CDC guidelines and restrictions, I hope to make this conference better than ever, leaving you guys a heck of a time! I mean, sure the conferences are amazing, but it can’t be better than the carnival… right? Where’s the harm in having a little fun! In this regard, I can’t wait to see you guys in December as your Head of Carnival!

Deputy Head of Carnival

Clare Chang (KAS)

Honorable chair, fellow delegates, and most esteemed guests,


I’m Clare Chang, currently a sophomore in Kaohsiung American School. It is my pleasure to serve as your Deputy Head of Carnival Planning for this year STMUN XIII. When I was a 9th grader, my friends strongly encouraged me to join MUN. I was really surprised that every person was able to speak confidently while making a speech during debate, so I was wondering if I could become one of them. Before the real MUN conference, I always got nervous before the day I needed to do the presentation even though I felt confident when I was practicing. However, after my conference in Taipei American School, I changed. I told myself nothing was going to be wrong, stay confident, say what you're supposed to say, and pretend no one is listening. During the year in MUN, not only did I learn how to speak more confidently, but I also realized how to step out of my comfort zone to become a better me. And this time, it’s your time to make your carnival fun and express yourself. Since I’m really interested in planning, I’ve lots of experience of contacting companies, such as choosing equipment for a guest house. It includes finding suppliers and filtering good-quality personal hygiene products that will be used by customers. As your Deputy Head of Carnival Planning this year, I will make sure the participants will bring unforgettable memories at Kaohsiung American School back home.


Jayden Lin (KAS)

Honorable participants of STMUN XIII,


I am Jayden Lin, a senior from Kaohsiung American School. It is my honor to serve as the treasurer for this year's STMUN XIII. I joined MUN in 10th grade, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My very first MUN experience was THIMUN Singapore, as you can imagine it was quite intimidating to a MUN rookie to speak in front of more than two hundred students. I was very shy and my public speaking skills were poor back then, but now, after attending numbers of conferences, I am no longer afraid of speaking in front of a crowd. When I attended a MUN conference, I was always amazed by the student leaders who hosted the conference - how they were able to organize it all by their own. So I told myself, one day, I would be part of the team to be the people I looked up to. With that said, I hope this conference will give you one of the best MUN memories. See you soon!

Technology Ambassador

Julius Trick (KAS)

Honorable participants of STMUN XIII,


I am Julius Gilbert Trick, currently a senior in Kaohsiung American School. It is an honor to be this year’s Tech Ambassador for STMUN XIII. I found my passion with problems in technology like issues with classmates' computers, equipment in classrooms, and etc… I wanted to help my friends with those issues as much as I can, and for an internship program for my senior year I wanted to help out in the IT department because I wanted to also learn more about how to fix them and hopefully help other people that are in class that are also having these problems as well. This will be my first MUN experience that I will ever do and I really have to be more responsible with my actions for this year’s STMUN. What I want to bring to this conference is possibly help with any tech related issues as I can for the conference as much as I can with additional help from everyone else. What I look forward to gaining from this conference is the more technical knowledge I learned and can apply it to the rest of my time in KAS and further on through my life as well.