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STMUN XIII Student Leaders


Head of Administration

Vania Wang

Honourable chairs, fellow delegates, and the most esteemed guest. 

Welcome to STMUN XIV.

My name is Vania Wang; I am currently a senior at the I-Shou International school. This is my first year participating in the MUN conference; I’ve participated in several conferences in the past few months. All of which mark a fantastic experience and milestone for my MUN journey. Throughout the conferences I've participated in, I have begun to discover the importance of the invisible work done by the administration team. Without them, a conference would not function properly. Therefore, I think it's time to turn to the next page of my MUN conference. To serve and take the responsibility as head of administration of STMUN XIV. As an admin team member, I will ensure every part of the conference runs as smooth as possible. With that being said, I will be greeting you at STMUN XIV.


Deputy Head of Administration

Anita Wang

Honorable Directors, delegates, and the most esteemed Guests of STMUN XIV.


My name is Anita Wang, a senior at I-Shou International School (IIS). I'm thrilled to serve in STMUN XIV this year as the Deputy Head of Admin. My favorite things in life include: reading, chatting, watching Netflix, and sleeping. I joined the MUN club in g8 in the hope of improving my debate skill and public speaking skill. MUN has helped me in many ways from being more aware of the ongoing issues around the world and the historical contents of the relative countries all the way to helping me find my voice in and outside the committee. Over the few years, I’ve been involved with MUN, I came to recognize the essence of the pillar team behind each conference. These conferences wouldn’t be flawless without the admin team. Thus, I want to be engaged in the planning process and the formation of the conference. With that in mind, I want to present a flawless MUN that marks another memorable conference for everyone. I am looking forward to the STMUN in December, and feel very excited about meeting new friends and learning about issues that are of global significance!


Head of Press

Fiona Liu

Honorable participants,  I am Fiona Liu, a senior at I-Shou International School.  I am honored to serve as the Head of Press at the Fourteenth Southern Taiwan Model United Nations. I have been attending MUN conferences since grade 9, which allows me to be competent in debating significant global issues with others. Exchanging different opinions with other competitive attendees makes me understand the significance of understanding the issue's background instead of only reading information on the internet. These valuable experiences not only develop my debating skills but also expand my world perspective and cultivate my critical thinking ability. I am also into journalism as it is a way to let people know about the world's issues, usually by filming videos and writing articles. As the head of the press, I promised STMUN XIV would bring a fantastic experience and memory. I cannot wait to see you all in December!


Deputy Head of Press

Leon Wang Chen

I am Leon Wang Chen, currently a senior at I-Shou International School, and it is an honor to serve in the position of Deputy Head of Press in STMUN XIV. My role is to ensure that this conference’s proceedings are presentably recorded, regardless of the success of the event. I attended my first MUN conference in my junior year, and throughout my not-so-prolific career, I have planted the seed of interest for this prestigious event. I was stimulated by the listening, aggregating, and compromising of the ideas and reasoning from different people and perspectives, the research and dedication behind each participant, and also meeting new people. This position allows me to pursue my interest in writing, photography, and layout editing which are all key components for a Deputy Head of Press. I am very grateful for this opportunity to show my leadership and journalism abilities and commitment to making this a successful and memorable event.


Head of Design

Fiona Chen

Hello everyone! I am Fiona Chen, a senior at I-Shou International School and I will be the Head of Design for STMUN XIV.


When MUN was first introduced to me, I was very intrigued. Since I enjoy looking at various unique designs of clothes and artworks, it inspired me to do the same in MUN, hoping to design clothes and posters. At an early age, I discovered my passion for art and drawing. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with drawing and anything that encouraged my creativity. I also have an art account on Instagram where I share my artwork because I believe that art allows me to fully express myself. I know that taking on this role is challenging, but I will try my best to fulfill my duties as the head of design and I look forward to seeing you all!


Deputy Head of Design

Jennifer Chang

Greeting, I am Jennifer Chang, a senior from I-Shou International School and it is my honor to serve as the Deputy Head of design for STMUN XIV. Unlike most other executives, my first MUN experience was rather late. My first experience was in my sophomore year, serving as a delegate and I found that MUN is a well-organized group and everyone is talented. After the experience of being a  delegate, I embarked on my MUN deputy head of design journey since I have always been interested in design and confident in my aesthetic ability. I am also interested in fashion trends and I can apply some elements to the MUN byproducts. Moreover, I have been dancing for more than 5 years and I also had some experience in dance competitions and performances with my teammates which developed collaborative skill. I believe that I can qualify for this position and to assist the Head of Design.

Head of Carnival

Ariel Lee

Hi,I am Ariel Lee, a senior from I-Shou International School. It is a great honor to be one of the leaders in the Carnival team of the Southern Taiwan Model United Nation XIV. Hosting events and activities has always been my interest. The pandemic had greatly disrupted our life, and this year’s STMUN is different as we figure out new normal under compromises. Although this is my first time organizing an inter-school activity, with my experience leading several major school events, I’m sure that my team and I will do the absolute best to deliver a carnival swimmingly. We are looking forward to seeing you with us, and it will definitely be a memorable time.


Deputy Head of Carnival

Lucas Lei

I am Lucas Lei, a senior at I-Shou International School, and I will be participating in this year's Southern Taiwan Model United Nations as one of the leaders in the Carnival team. I have developed skills and experiences in various areas such as festivals and I would love to apply this knowledge and skills in hosting this year’s carnival. Privately, I will be looking at STMUN participants' feedback in order to have a carnival that fulfills your imagination. Our team will overcome any challenges coming up. We are looking forward to creating great memories for you when you look back at this wonderful experience



Chason Chiu

Greetings! I am Chason Chiu, a senior at I-Shou International School (IIS), and it is my utmost honor to serve in the Fourteenth Southern Taiwan Model United Nations this year as the treasurer. As a shy kid who was always terrified to speak in front of people, attending MUN conferences gave me opportunities to express my thoughts publicly. In the process, I was also able to learn more about myself, and discovering my passion for finance. I was fascinated by how everything was put together during last year's STMUN conference. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity and challenge myself with things that I am unfamiliar with by joining the student leaders team. I hope this conference will bring you one of the most unforgettable memories. Can't wait to see all of you in December!

Technology Ambassador

Ethan Tu

Honorable participants,  I am Ethan Tu, a senior at I-Shou International School. It is my honor to be the Tech Ambassador for STMUN XIV. IT is always one of the things that I discovered fascinating throughout my vigorous life. I describe myself as a very detail-oriented person in the technical aspect because of the confidence I gained learning from experiences of tech-related issues. I commence to learn various computer programs and work with them starting when I was little. Nowadays, the combination of technology and graphical program experiences has built me strong enough to handle most of the issues that are related to technology and computer program fields. This conference has provided me a precious chance to apply my knowledge and experiences to help out you guys. I am glad that I have the opportunity of being the head of IT, which is a momentous experience in my high school life. I can't wait to see you guys all! See you soon and remember that don't be afraid of asking any questions. I'd be more than willing to assist.

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